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Pastor Trev continues our series on the book of Thessalonians.

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Pastor Trev continues our series of the book of 1st Thessalonians. He shares just how dear the Thessalonians were to Paul after all he had been through in Philipi.

The Book of Mark Part 9

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Special Guest, Tom Lane shares a message from the 9th chapter of Mark. He challenges us to see the transfiguration as the turning point of the Gospel of Mark as Jesus reveals himself as God.

The Book of Mark Part 2

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Join us this week as Pastor Trev teach on the story of the paralytic that is brought to Jesus by his friends. Is there a friend that you could bring to Jesus?

Prayer Luke 18

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We close out 2018 with a stand-alone message inspired by Luke 18. Pastor Trev teaches us about prayer.

Malachi: Prepare the Way Part 1

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Pastor Trev kicks off our new series, Prepare the Way, inspired by the book of Malachi! Join us each week as we go through the final book of the Old Testament to prepare our hearts for the Christmas season.

Love People Part 4

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Pastor Trev completes our 4 part series on Loving people. Looking through the lens of the Good Samaritan we learn about loyalty this week.

Love People Part 3

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Pastor Trev continues our series on loving others as he shares how we can all learn to invest in what God is doing around us.